Complete Disaster Complaint

Trying to start service with Verizon and purchasing 5 - iPhone 11s has been a complete disaster!

9/21 - Initiated process to purchase through online chat.  Person misinformed me and ended up handing me off to telesales due to not being able to complete the transaction.  Was informed by Telesales that I was misinformed and they have a lot of new people that still need training.  While on the phone with telesales also had to get fraud team on the phone to validate me.  I went through that whole process and sent my DL to vzfraud team and was approved to proceed with the purchase.  Made the purchase, and received a message with tracking that the order was shipped.  This was about a 3 hour process from online to phone.

9/22 - Received notice that my order was on hold and to call.  It was still on hold from fraud team.  The fraud agent seen that it was already approved and not on hold and told me all was good.

9/23 - More calls and disconnects than i can count and more hours spent on the phone with 10 different agents and 10 different answers on why my account was still on hold.  FedEx was on hold as well.  It showed that recipient refused package.  I was told by Verizon agent that they called FedEx and that was confirmed.  I called FedEx myself and they quickly told me Verizon stopped the shipment.  The right hand clearly doesn't know what the left is doing at Verizon and I have had to work way too hard to try to become your customer!  I am so frustrated right now.  I feel like I have been lied to, misled, and wasted countless hours that I cant get back.  And it still is in limbo!

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Re: Complete Disaster Complaint
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If we based Verizon on online support alone, they'd get a huge red F. Also had a simple issue years ago that got resolved with a chargeback because contacting support 4 times got nothing done.

Ah yes, fraud. I too also dealt with them on an old phone order because how dare I use Paypal for a zero charge order vs digging through for a debit card. 

Without an account, CS can't do much because there is nothing for them to access. It's sales that sets that stuff up.

After my personal ordeal, I refused to give Verizon my business other than service. Got 2 new phones this year and both were purchased from Amazon and Google respectively. Dealing with Verizon for orders is a huge pain that easily can get someone to refuse business with them.