Connectivity Issues / Lack of Customer Service Help
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In the last week or two, my phone seems to have no service unless I am at home.  It will sometimes work in my office but not always.  I turn off WiFi and still will have 3-4 bars but I am not even able to pull up google or send/receive a text message.  My cellular data has randomly turned itself off twice in the last few days as well.

I had lunch with a client, was unable to do anything on my phone, go to Google, send a text, make a call, etc.  I got back to my office and it was working again.  I started a chat with a Verizon Agent and they asked that I turn the phone off and back on.  It changed nothing (as it was working prior to that), I asked the agent if he/she could help me to figure out why I am not able to use my phone hardly anywhere now and they said "We have tried a step to try and fix it, you said it was fine now, I can't fix something if its working right".  I was kind of in shock honestly so went ahead and ended that conversation as it was apparent they were not going to help.

I then went in and set up a call back so that I could avoid the wait time while at work.  After about 10 minutes, I got the call back, typed in my pin and have now been on hold for over 16 minutes without speaking to anyone.

Sorry for the long story, but can anyone please help me to be able to use my phone if I leave my house/work?  I need to be able to make calls, send texts and email back and forth.  Turning my phone off and on didn't cut it over the weekend.

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Re: Connectivity Issues / Lack of Customer Service Help
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Hello morgandwhitt, We want to make sure you are receiving the assistance that you need. Please send us a Private Note if you are still having issues with your connectivity.