Constant Dropped Calls (Seattle, WA)
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For the past few years I've had major issues whenever I make a phone call on my iPhone 11. This happens in my apt, in my car while driving or in my office in DT Seattle.  I've also never had more than 2 bars on my phone since I moved into my apt. My sister went into the hospital last month and it was impossible to call her or the hospital because the calls always dropped after the first 30-45 seconds. I would call back over and over and each time the call would drop again.  I called to ask someone at VZ Wireless about the issue but all I got was a sales pitch to purchase a $200 signal booster.  Is it my phone? Is it the 5G network they're trying to roll out? Clearly based on the amount of posts here on 'dropped calls' Verizon has a big issue.  Curious if anyone has had any luck getting quality assistance from VZ which ACTUALLY helped clear up this issue?

A note for VZ:  Today I set up my old, unlocked iPhone 6 with an AT&T pre-paid account and I'm going to see if there's any difference in number of dropped calls and overall call quality.  So far I have FOUR bars on my AT&T phone and only TWO on the VZ phone.  If I'm able to get better service it may be time to drop VZ for AT&T.  

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We are sorry to hear you are experiencing service issues, but we are here to help 24/7! Furthermore, we can troubleshoot, check your plan to make sure your on the best one for you, and even check the area. If the whole town was out like you mentioned, it could be an outage! Just Dm us, and we can resolve this together!