Crappiest service from Verizon in the world
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Unlimited talk, text and Premium Data for your smartphone on our network.
5G access, taxes and fees included, free Scam Shield™ Premium.
1 screen Netflix Basic on Us, 40GB of high-speed mobile hotspot data and video streams at up to 4K UHD when 4K UHD video is enabled.
Also includes 2x international roaming speeds (256kbps), and unlimited Gogo in-flight. Unlimited calling, texting, and data in Mexico and Canada with up to 5GB of high speed data (then 2G speeds).
Use AutoPay to get $5 off each line of service up to 8 lines.
Capable device for 5G. Coverage not available in some areas.
Stream up to 4K UHD video on capable device when feature is activated, or video typically streams on device at DVD quality (480p).
^That's what T-mobile is offering me for 2 lines. It's $50 each. I'm paying about $170 for the most basic butt Verizon services, like it's so basic that I find it miserable to say I'm using a phone in 2021. You guys don't even give me fudging mobile hotspot (like who does that, why would you keep this away from your customers?) And by the way, you're cell phone coverage has been pretty mediocre as well, nothing special.
Like I'm getting zero value from you guys. The only reason I haven't switched is because it's a hassle but if you guys don't fix anything then this is my last month, I'm not going to part of this mediocre service system when there's so much better out there.
P.S I used to get military discounts and then you guys changed something and now it's 10 trillion times more difficult to apply a fudging discount to your account. Why isn't the same discount just applied to my account immediately from my previous plan? I'm just super annoyed with you guys. It's 5 am, couldn't speak with a rep, fudging chat is having a technical difficult, I'm just fudging angry (sorry but I am).
Can I please feel valued as a customer and not get mad at my phone at 5am when I just wanted to listen to some music? I can't deal with this stuff but I hope you guys can. Thanks.
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Re: Crappiest service from Verizon in the world
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Okay so ranting about it admittedly made me feel better but now I feel a little bad for the way I posted.

Sorry about the title and the slightly impolite tone, it was a little uncalled for (I was just very upset).

Re: Crappiest service from Verizon in the world
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Hold the phone. We'd be sad to see you leave the Verizon Wireless family for something much different, Mashraf93. We do expect you to have nothing but stellar service with Verizon. We do want to make sure that you're on the best fit plan for your wireless needs. With the basic unlimited plan (Start Unlimited) the mobile hotspot feature is not included. We do offer Play More Unlimited and that will provide you with Mobile Hotspot. With Play More Unlimited, you will also receive Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu on us. You will also receive Discovery +, Apple Arcade, Google Play Pass on us for 12 months, and Apple Music for 6 months on us.


The Play More Unlimited is $70 per month (with auto-pay debit or checking account) per line (if you have two active smartphone lines on the account). You would be able to apply for your Military Discount and that would take off an additional $25 per month. 


Check out these links for more details


Play More FAQ:

Military Discount: