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Customer Service LIED to me about recycling credit

I am beyond frustrated with the Verizon Wireless customer service team.  Here's the saga I went through only to be lied to and screwed out of $95 by Verizon Wireless.  On September 15, 2015, I was going through the process of pre-ordering a new iPhone 6s.  As part of the upgrade I input that I would like to recycle my perfectly functional (no blemishes, in good working condition, etc.) iPhone 5 and was quoted $200.  There was a glitch when I went to check out and the customer service rep reset something in the system for my account and I went back through the checkout process.  On the second iteration it did not give me the recycling program option, but the customer service rep I was chatting with assured me it would give the same quote if I did the recycle as a separate transaction (I have a transcript of this chat) and stupidly I believed her.  When I re-did the recycle as a separate transaction I quickly clicked through the screens because I believed what the rep had told me (obviously I should not have listened to her).  Apparently it was then only going to give me $105, but I didn't initially notice.  A couple days later (before the shipping container had arrived and well before my new phone arrived) I got an email and a text message from Verizon with a code to get $200 for my iPhone recycle.  It was when I received this email that I wondered what was up because I thought I was already going to get $200.  I rechecked my email and behold a lower quote from them.  I immediately attempted to input the code, but because there was the dubious recycle request in the system, it would not let me use the code.  Again, I reached out to customer service (September 23) in a chat (have this transcript also) and was told that I needed to call customer service (where of course, you don't have the ability to get a chat transcript and hold Verizon accountable for what the telephone customer service reps say).  I called on September 29, 2015, and spent over 45 minutes on the phone with multiple reps and eventually spoke with Deborah (employee number V1HOFD3) who eventually assured me that she had properly input my $200 code for my phone recycle and told me to ship the phone in the original recycle packaging and that when it was received I would MOST DEFINITELY get the full $200 statement credit.  I naively believed her and shipped my phone in the packing I'd received and today, surprise surprise, I got an email confirming a statement credit for $105.  THIS IS SUCH BOLOGNA AND DECEITFUL PRACTICES BY VERIZON TO PROMISE ME THEY HAD FIXED THE SYSTEM TO GIVE ME THE FULL $200 I WAS OWED AND THEN GIVELY ME BARELY HALF OF WHAT I WAS OWED FOR MY PHONE.  Verizon you need to make this right!!!!

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Re: Customer Service LIED to me about recycling credit

I have to update this and say that I seemed to have found the one customer service rep that would actually help me out.  So, for now the problem seems to be solved.

For all others with similar issues I'd say:

1.  Always use chats and print a copy for your records before closing the window.

2.  Be able to reference chat IDs, names, customer service IDs, and other salient information when rehashing an issue with Verizon

3.  If you put enough effort into it, eventually someone may help you.

4.  You shouldn't have to go through so much effort, but I think Verizon simply hopes people are too lazy to follow up on issues and save their profit that way... So make sure you're the squeaky wheel and they may eventually solve your issue.