Customer Service in Billing

I have a problem with billing and customer service. On May 21, 2022, I took a Cruise from Anchorage, AK  USA to Vancouver, BC Canada. Before leaving I asked for an International Plan on my phone. I explained I would be on a cruise and would need to call home.  I was told there was a $5 a day charge. I said good, I’ll take it.

On July 11, 2022. I received a bill for $593.64, $313.95 was for roaming charges. I called Customer Service to discuss the charge. I was told the $5 a day plan did not apply when I was on a Cruise ship. The CS named Cheryl said I was sent a text message on May 27 telling I needed to check my plan for roaming. I ask why, I was told I would be covered before I went on the cruise. She said she didn’t know. I told her I was charged in 2019. She said, she didn’t know about anything in 2019. I asked to speak to some one who would know. She said there was no International plan in 2019. And she wasn’t going to transfer me to anyone else because they would they me the same thing. I asked to speak to her supervisor. She refuse to transfer me to her supervisor. I asked if it was because I was white and if she was a racist. She transferred me.


I spoke with a woman named LJ she said the L stood for Lauren. She basically told me the same information as Cheryl, except that I was sent a text message on May 22, 2022 about roaming charges.  When I asked to speak to her supervisor she refused. She also refused to give me any other person to speak to and said someone would call me in 24 to 48 hours. She also refused to give me phone numbers to Corporate Customer Service or the Corporate Office. She stated she didn’t know the numbers and had no way to look them up.

Apparently, Customer Service is just a title because there is no customer service just people who were give a list of instructions.   

After being a customer since the name of the Company was Herizon about 23 year ago, I guess it’s time to find a new cellular carrier who cares about Custer’s and has customer service.

Re: Customer Service in Billing
Customer Service Rep

We never want you to feel this way, certainly we want to take a closer look and turn this around. I have sent you a private message to continue.