Customer Service is a joke
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When I first bought my current device, I did it through the trade in program because that’s the only way I could afford it. When I first started thinking about trading in my phone, I was told I had two months to return my old device. Today, only a month later, I got an email saying that my promotional credit got removed from my account. I immediately contacted customer service because I was confused. I was told I had two months so I wasn’t in any rush and have been busy applying to grad school and on top of that people in my family had tested positive for COVID. Customer service was supposedly unable to help me in trying to extend the trade in or anything, but of course made clear that I can still send in my device if I wanted to without any reimbursement. Honestly, this was so off putting that it makes me want to change providers. 

Re: Customer Service is a joke
Customer Service Rep

We definitely understand the importance of receiving your promotional credit, and we can certainly try to assist you. Please send us a Private Note, so we may be able to assist.  *Gert