Customer Service

My wife's account locks and must be reset each month in order to log on and pay her bill.  I have a separate account and have no trouble logging in to pay.  Getting my wife's reset each month is a cumbersome time consuming process because once the account is locked,  it is very difficult to get back in.  Contacting customer service via 611 has been very unhelpful. The person on  the other end of the call does not listen.  The problem is my wife's user name was changed over a year ago and for some reason the log in keeps reverting back to the old one, thus locking the account after several attempts with the used one. But interestingly enough, the problem is hit and miss.  While my wife and I were both talking to the Verizon rep at 611.  A screen popped up and let me in with the old information. The rep said to use the old user name which IS NOT WANTED-THERE IS A NEW USER NAME.  Each month with or without 611, I get back into the account, am asked to change the password and I simply change it to the password that was last used and then the bill is paid. This time it took 90 minutes, I left work early to deal with this and lost good chunk of money.  The Verizon rep asked "Do you just want me to close this account?"  This causes much stress each month. Your customer service is bad.  Prior to the pandemic, my wife who is kind of old school used to pay in person at the kiosk each month.  There is a glitch with her account and they do not listen. Instead they provide canned over simplified responses. One more time and I'm going to AT&T.  

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