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I would like to say that Love has been absolutely helpful and her customer service should be used in training for an example of what to do and how to treat customers.


I would also like to say that I have never dealt with so many customer service representatives giving me such different information. First, I was informed I could turn back in my phone as I still owe on it, pay the remainder of that months billing cycle, and transfer to a different carrier while only having to pay for what I used during that billing cycle. I called again on 11/8/23 to confirm this and was told by a different representative that no, that was not the case, and I would have to pay the reminder of my phone which was $488.84 at the time. I asked what had changed in the time between when the first rep told me that I would not owe that amount as long as I turned in my phone, and the conversation I was having at that time (11/8/23). Fast forward a 45 minute conversation where I recieved an email stating Verizon would cover the remainder of my phone($488.84) and was informed that my phone was now unlocked, able to transfer to any carrier I wished, and my phone number was transferable as well. During that same conversation(11/8/23) I received my account number and transfer pin so I could transfer my phone line to a different carrier of my choosing.


11/12/2023 My account still did not reflect what the 2nd rep (11/8/23) had told me so I called back to speak with now the 3rd Verizon customer service rep where I was informed that what the 2nd rep(11/8/23) had told me had never been processed and that is why the changes had not reflected on my account. I was assured it would be processed that day (11/12/23) and I would see the changes reflected in my account starting on 12/1/23. I told them that would not work for me as I had already purchased a plan with a new provider and did not have that time to wait or I would simply lose my money and have to pay again with the new carrier as I only had a certain amount of time to activate my line with them. Mind you, the second rep told me my phone was unlocked and free to go to whatever carrier I wished. The 3rd rep (11/12/23) heard me, and sped up the process and assured me I would see the changes in my account reflected BY 11/16/2023(today).


Imagine my surprise when yet again, what I was told was incorrect and called yet again to speak with my 4th rep, Love, who again, was excellent. At time time (11/16/23) she is looking into my account and waiting to hear back from the 2nd and 3rd rep I spoke with so my account can reflect the changes that I have been calling about.


My question is why has each rep told me such different things? Why am I being made all these false promises?  This is why I am leaving Verizon. I have the email proof from my conversation on 11/8/2023 about Verizon taking care of the remainder of my balance on my phone if that is of any concern to anyone.


Thank you for your time,


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Customer Service Rep

We are truly sorry to see you in this dilemma. The last thing we want is for you to have a negative impression of Verizon. We take pride in providing top quality service.


We sent you a Private Note, please review at your earliest convenience.