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I bought a phone at an online store less than a year ago and it has shut off on me. It is not the battery. After taking it to the Apple Store, this hypothesis was confirmed and I was told the logic port was unresponsive.

Several times, at least three, I've contacted Total by Verizon customer service to follow up on the one year warranty. Efforts to confirm the parameters of the warranty, the date of purchase, and process to obtain a replacement were met with hazard and the common theme of Apple is to take care of it.

After being with Apple in person at their store and on the phone -both with a representative and a supervisor -all of whom were very kind and helpful, I've been requested to obtain the invoice number/proof of purchase, receipt #, and the name-address-phone number of the Reseller.

     The issue Apple has at this point in the mediation is that the phone reports a purchase date of August 30th, 2020. This is well past the expiration of Apple's 1 year warranty and easily 1.5 years before I came to possess the cellular device. 


If Total by Verizon won't honor their warranty they promised me at the time of purchase, an Apple supervisor has promised to do everything possible to replace my 2020 iPhone SE. Where can I submit the information request? To whom within the Verizon employee base may I direct my inquiries?

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Apyrogue, I appreciate your feedback over the refurbished iPhone Phone warranty. Security is very important for us. I will be more that glad to help you. To better assist you, could you send me a PM?

Thank you for giving me the chance to assist you.