Customer service hung up on me. Again.

I’m having trouble with my bill payments... it seems the wrong bank account has somehow been linked to my payment.  As a result several months of bills have become due today, and my service was shut off.

In an effort to understand what the source of the problem is, before paying $671, (in the middle of a busy work day btw) I called customer service.  I found it unlikely that so many months could be due on one day and needed some clarity to become comfortable going forward in any direction.


After 40 min of wait time I drove to a Verizon store, still on hold, asking who can advocate for me.


They responded that there are no advocates. I get whoever answers customer service, whenever they answer.  We trouble shot together while I was on hold, hoping for a helpful clue.  As I had never set up this auto payment or any auto payment.  I had never set up any bank routing details.  I have, for the past 20 years, only paid on the phone via debit card (or in person with cash).


When an agent answered, I asked how and why the charges were paid and then returned.  He told me I needed to speak with my bank.  I then said I had additional questions and needed to speak to a supervisor.  


HE THEN HUNG UP ON ME.  ONE HOUR OF WAIT TIME, NO ANSWERS, AND NO RECOURSE AVAILABLE... the only way for me to get help is to call again.  Wait again.  Potentially get hung up on again.  The workers in the store were shocked... saying that agent will get fired.  


I know differently.  I know I will never get a responsible person in authority on the phone, and everyone who insures that will hang up on me.


I asked repeatedly in the store, “How can I advocate for myself?  Who in here can advocate for me?”  The constant answer was that they had no ability to hold this agent accountable, access a supervisor, or give me answers.


I used their land line phone to call my bank.  Which had no record of these transactions.


This has been incredibly frustrating and a bit exploitative.  Far beneath my standard of business and anyone’s standard of customer service.  


Cheshire ct VZW, thank you for your patience and efforts.


VZW higher ups, please advise.

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