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I need to do some talking here and get some answers to a problem/situation I am facing/dealing with you guys, yesterday was not good to me, yesterday I did an order on Best Buy to go to store and pick up the iPhone 12 mini 5g 64GB Black color right, the order and all had went through as my debit card was charged for the taxes right, then within a hour or so I had got a dang email about my order was delayed, cause I would of had to schedule an in store appointment with a mobile specialist who can help me recreate my order and successfully activate my service with yall, so I did not bother to go to that store and do it at all, and before that had happened one of your online chat reps had helped me did a order for a promo and credit of the new iPhone 13 Mini 5G 128GB Blue, the order was almost through until all of a sudden we had disconnected online dur to technical issues, the sales rep online had did me a good deal for the iPhone 13 Mini to help me see how much I'd be paying per month, and also I went in Walmart store where the wireless associates is at in store and tried to get one of yall phones there and I had gave the wireless associate my phone number, my PIN number and my ID to see what could she do, once she got in to see what could she do, she had done said this, that Verizon wants me to pay full retail price on whatever phone I wanted to get and not let me pay any device payments on a new phone whichever one I would want, so when she said that, I up and left without getting a phone cause I did not wanna have to pay full retail price on an Verizon phone oh no not me, yall have lost a customer like me as yesterday I started service with a different carrier and had to get a new number since I could not do an transfer/porting request of my number from you guys, man have yall did me wrong and I do not appreciate it one bit, I am glad a different carrier lets me do the device payment agreement through them since it is not yall no more

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