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Our service has been garbage garbage the past few months. Verizon is the only company I know of that didn’t do anything for us during COVID. We have been behind on paying, I get that. But our phone got shut off in June. Our payment for August was an extra $130 and we had no idea why. It also said at the beginning of the month that our next bill will also be that much more. Come to find out, the extra $130 for August was a reconnect fee for when our phones shut off on June. Which is all good and well, but we weren’t told this. We tried to call them, they kept hanging up when we were asking for assistance. We tried to get on the app and they kept only giving us the option to pay our amount due. How is it customer service if we can’t even get ahold of you to find out why our bill was so much? Well, We didn’t pay because we didn’t want to pay an incorrect amount. Turns out it was correct and we didn’t know why. But we didn’t know why So eventually they shut us off, and we didn’t get help to understand until after it was shut off. Now we have another $130 extra for our next bill because we got shut off again. All because Verizon doesn’t know how customer service works. We are way low on funds because of COVID and I sprained my ankle and haven’t been able to work. 

Verizon also added $200 onto our bill last month because my husband upgraded and they said he never sent his other phone back. But he did. So we paid it and they sent the phone back a few weeks ago. We still haven’t received it. So we are behind $200 because Verizon doesn’t know what they’re doing. We are definitely switching services. I’ve never had such a hard time getting ahold of a company that is supposed to help you understand your funds. 

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When is comes to customer support, you deserve the best being our customer. I am terribly sorry that your recent experience has not been good. With regard to COVID; we did offer help to all of our customers to ease the transition of working and learning from home, and provided help for those financially impacted. You can read about the information here:

I'd like to take a closer look at your billing concern and issue with your device return. We will send you a Private Message in a few moments to provide account support.