DO not trade in your iPhone
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I sent my phone 11 in for the 13 pro max. The trade in department said my phone 11 was in perfect condition and I was told $138 would be credited to my account.

Well to say it's been a {removed due to Verizon terms and conditions} show has been an understatement....Instead of giving me my credit of 138 in November they CHARGED me $138. Once I was able to get the $138 charge cancelled they STILL DID NOT CREDIT ME the 138 I was owed for the phone because no one on the phone can do MATH! They kept saying "no mam it says you have been credited $138"  because it showed on my account like this:



but guess what! 138-138 is $0. So okay great now I am back to $0 but I am still owed $138....

so now it's into late December and I am still trying to get the $138 credited to my account. I was sent to the trade in department who said they processed it (never went through). I called last month and they said that they processed it with the manager but it still has not shown up in the system or on my bill. IN FACT: because it's not reflecting in the system it's also saying that I am late on my payments when I am making the correct payment per month they just can't get their {removed according to Verizon terms and conditions} together.

I would say I have spent about 20 hours on the phone with them to get $138 credit I was owed 4 months ago onto my account that should have been the EASIEST transaction ever... But here I go again it's feb 4th and I am speaking with them again today because the $138 is still not in my account and they are saying I owe them that much from last month/I have a late payment.

I literally can't believe this I have started looking into transfering my phone service over to AT&T because I am so fed up. I plan to post this review in any place verizon trade in reviews are applicable.

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