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Data has skyrocketed after upgrade to iPhone 5s

I upgraded my phone in December from a Droid Razr to the iPhone 5s, and with it I sadly had to say goodbye to my unlimited data plan. I held on as long as I could but the phone was just getting to be too laggy and slow.

Anyway, when I had unlimited data on the Droid Razr I usually used about 4-5 GB per month - and that was with heavy streaming through Spotify/Google Play All Access and TuneIn Radio and frequent video and radio streaming of MLB At Bat during the summer.

So when I upgraded to the iPhone 5s I figured the 4GB individual plan (not shared) would be sufficient - but it seems even minimal usage is sending my data calculations from Verizon through the roof. Because I no longer have unlimited data I am much more attentive about using certain apps while connected to LTE, so I don't stream video at all any more unless it's on wifi and I've only streamed about 2 albums worth of music with Google Play All Access (before I realized the mysterious increase in data consumption). The app I use the most while connected to LTE is Waze, which never seemed to be a data hog before when I was on unlimited. Yet, I have already burned through nearly half of my data plan, and I'm only about 1/3 through the cycle. I do not understand how I could have cut my streaming practices down so much yet my phone seems to be using more data than before.

On top of that, I received a text alert from Verizon this morning warning that I have used 75% of my data for this cycle. I received similar alerts just a couple days after upgrading to the new phone as well (previous cycle). How am I supposed to trust those alerts in the future if they are so inaccurate?

This all is just making me regret upgrading my phone, because even though my Razr had gotten to be unbearably slow, at least I didn't have to constantly worry about data usage and overages. It just seems counterintuitive that Verizon built this huge, fast network and advertises the crap out of it but then turns around and essentially cripples the user experience by forcing users to go on minimal data plans that make it worthless to even use the apps that would benefit from LTE unless you want to pay expensive overage charges or "upgrade" to an absurdly expensive tier.

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Re: Data has skyrocketed after upgrade to iPhone 5s
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You have to realize that when you went from unlimited data to tiered data depending on when you upgraded the data more than likely was pushed back as limited for those previous unlimited data use.

I strongly believe that the data counters Verizon uses are a sham. I would check your data usage via the device and what is posted to your account.

I also in fairness have to say neither iPhone I use have any increased data usage. I use WiFi most of the time, but the data usage at least in my case even with unlimited is still very low each month. I often time wonder if I was on tiered data the amounts would still be so low. I still think its just a scam to pick the customers pockets dry.

But that is my opinion.

Good Luck