Data service in Cabo San Lucas

My daughter traveled to Cabo San Lucas in November, 2019 and I purchased additional data for her usage.  It didn't work while she was there, I called Verizon and spent hours with her and them on the phone.  They then opened a ticket because they dont have a verizon tower they tap into a local tower.  She was gone for a week and there was no resolution.  When she returned I received a notification that there was no reported problems with data. 


She is going to Cabo San Lucas again in March, how do I get data service that works.

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Re: Data service in Cabo San Lucas
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I've been to Cabo a number of times over the past 5 years and have yet to find any reliable data coverage on either Verizon or AT&T.  I don't care what they say.  Calls have worked fairly reliably if you're in a big resort area.  Remember that Cabo is surrounded by water and mountains.  Potential trouble no matter where you are.  

Re: Data service in Cabo San Lucas
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I know the importance of keeping your daughter connected in Cabo. What model is her phone? Do you recall if the feature was TravelPass that was being added before?



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My experience has been similar. Absolutely no network connections in Cabo San Lucas, days of calls to global support, endless restarting and resetting network connections. No network connection.

Locals all say that Verizon is not usable in Cabo San Lucas, don't go there expecting your Verizon service to be usable outside of a wifi signal at a hotel where you can make wifi calls.

It's irritating to me that we get replies that someone, "knows how frustrating it is to be without  cell service" or " how important it is to be connected to your daughter" No you don't, you are sitting in a social media data center in another part of the world, and your job is to mitigate negative web presence...don't tell me you "understand my situation"