Davenport/Four Corners/Orlando/Central Florida
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Verizon coverage here in Central Florida/Davenport/Four Corners is absolutely terrible, especially 5G coverage.  Usually have 1 bar of signal and data takes forever to load.  If the phone says connected to 5G you can forget anything loading and phone is basically useless.  Customer service sent me a LTE network extender which I connected at my home, however this does not help when I am out and about.

It's not a phone issue as multiple people with all different phones experience the same issue.  Rumor from locals is there are 3 cell phone towers that are down and/or out of commission and this has been YEARS. This is area is also in heavy development with new business and houses being built everyday.  SOMEONE needs to take a look at this ASAP! The amount of money you charge for service and should be getting some sort of quality coverage which I am not.

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