Dealing with sales staff
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This seems to be a problem with sales staff.  Here is what happened when i went in to upgrade my phone one if the first things i told the sales person is my car is not cellphone friendly meaning i am not able to hook up a phone through my radio unless i use a cord with a USB plug or one that headsets use.  Not sure of the technical terms.  He said he understood so, being budget friendly Knowing what i could spend i took the iPhone 11.  He hands it to me not offering to set it up.  I get home and realize it does not have a way for me to play it through my radio so that i am hands free.  So, thinking this might work it does not.  I told him what i needed to have He failed to listen or even to be helpful.  Not only can i not answer my phone handsfree but i listen to audiobooks while i am driving to work and that i am not able to do.  So, giving him what I required did nothing so, if my phone rings i expected to try i rush hour and pull over to answer my phone,  impossible to do.  So.  What is the answer if i was to get a ticket send the bill to Verizon? I asked for a specific item and the sales person did complete the order in-fact he total ignored my request.  

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Re: Dealing with sales staff
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Hay kartingmom24

Are you in the US? In a Verizon store?? You got that kind of service? Then you find your way here. You may get an out sourced VZW community rep. That will fully understand you aggravation. But you will not any satisfaction. 

You will have to do it yourself. Apple (iPhone 11) has its own Lightning Connector to USB cable. (Walmart)

But I'm thinking of your car radio. The USB may just be a charging port.

The head set port on the radio should be AUX in. You would need a 2.5 mm to a 3.5 mm audio jack cable. iPhone 11 has EarPods with Lightning Connector.

So no radio for your iPhone 11.

You have voice control in the iPhone 11, or maybe auto answer. Set one of them up with built in loud speaker is your one option. Or one of the blue tooth speakers (Walmart). 

There is a few options you have. You have children or grand children?? They will hook you up so fast it will make you head spin.