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Delayed text messages

I've had my 4s for a good 3 weeks or so now and I love it but as of the past couple days I've been having a problem. For some reason recently my text messages are being received late (hours later in some cases!). I've tested it with my mother's phone (Verizon Android) and a message sent at 2:55 didn't come in until 4:20. My imessage streams are working normally but text messages aren't. I called *228 and did option 2 because I saw that on a previous discussion but it hasn't helped so far. Any help?!

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Re: Delayed text messages
Champion - Level 3

Since you've already tried *228 the next usual suggestions are for you to reset/restart/restore your device to see if any of that helps. You might also try contacting VZW directly to make sure there isn't anything on their end that can be done or there isn't some sort of problem with the towers in your area.

Re: Delayed text messages
Verizon Employee

Hi tamaboo27,

I want my messages to come through right away too, so I understand your concern completely! I would like to ask some questions, as well as provide you with some troubleshooting steps.

-Do you normally keep your phone powered on most of the time?

I would like to mention that it is a good idea to get into the habit of powering the phone off and on once every couple of days, and not to leave it powered on for days or weeks at a time.  There is no need to leave the phone powered down for any significant amount of time, a minute or 2 is perfectly fine.  The reason for this is that every time a cellular phone powers on, it re-registers itself with the network.  There is a constant connection from the phone to the network, and this registration can sometimes "time out". This can cause the messages to be delayed. This would be a good troubleshooting step.

-You mentioned that the issue has happened in the last couple of days; do you remember downloading an app or making any other change right before this started?

Here is a link for a soft reset of the iPhone. Please try this and then monitor the device.

Please post back and let me know how this works out for you. Thanks!

Christina B

VZW Support

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Re: Delayed text messages
Contributor - Level 1

How come VZW has to do everything like that? Sometimes I think VZW is just reset happy. I left VZW in 2009 and had an iPhone on AT&T and it NEVER have to be reset....and it was on ALL the time. When I came back to VZW in 2010 and got a Droid X, that was a constant thing for that phone....reset it or do a battery pull every few weeks, or even the *228 once a month. I finally gave up on that phone and came back to an iPhone about a month ago. This 4S has ALWAYS been on other than the one reboot it decided to do on its own a few days ago. The phone has a constant connection as you have said to the cellular network and if your system requires a phone to be reset occasionally to 're-register' the phone on the network then I consider that a flaw in your network. The *228 is archaic as well since AT&T doesn't require their customer to do anything like that to update their roaming. The apps are not a problem with this as the apps on the iTunes market are alot more strictly controlled by Apple than anything found on the Droid market...considering that there is only one OS to worry about and its not tweaked as alot of Android phones are, nor are there multiple versions floating around on different phone maker phones. I really wish VZW would stop using a canned response to problems experienced. That kind of thing frustrated the heck out of me when I had the Droid X and it seems that it happens with the iPhone now as well.