Delayed voicemail notifications
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I've seen this issue reported many times over the years, and lots of "things to try", but never ever have I seen a user say that any of them worked.  I too have tried resetting network settings, ensuring that mobile data is turned on, and verified that the problem happens whether I'm connected to wifi or not.  

I've been with Verizon for over a decade.  This is the most ridiculous situation I've ever seen- getting my voicemail is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.  People are losing out on job interviews, extra shifts at work, client appointments.  It doesn't help me to get a voice mail notification hours or days after the message was left! YOU NEED TO FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!!

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We know the importance of having access to your voicemails in real time. We welcome the opportunity to address your inquiry. Currently, the issue with delayed voicemail notifications is a known issue. It is occurring with multiple iOS devices across multiple wireless carriers as shown here: Please know that the issue is under investigation and we are working with Apple for a software fix in the near future. 




I would like to clarify... In order to get voicemail notifications do we need to have both mobile on AND Wi-Fi off?  Does it have to be set that way when the notification is first sent, or will you get the notification after the fact? 

(One post also mentions setting battery optimization to unrestricted, which mine is.)


It seems ridiculous to me that we can't get notifications over just Wi-Fi. I only get about one voicemail message a month (usually text messages)  and need the notifications to let me know there is one.  I often totally miss the notifications even if I turn on mobile after I missed call in order to try to get them. (We all get a lot of junk mail calls that don't leave messages.)

 I've looked at several posts on this topic and some of the reps don't seem to understand why we can't just use *86.  (Assuming I can even remember that code.).  I use Wi-Fi most of the day and occasionally have mobile on for GPS etc.  Unless I'm out of town (to save battery) I tend to leave the Wi-Fi on only so I don't forget to turn it back on if I forget to turn mobile off and end up watching videos etc on mobile.  I don't want to leave mobile on all the time because although the voicemail itself may not use much or any data, my email and other apps will update while I'm out and about, so I don't want to waste my limited data.  I have tried turning mobile on at home when I have a missed call... But I still usually get nothing.

 I just discovered yesterday that I had a voicemail from 3 months ago. (Plus a second junk mail call.)  Missing that call cost me thousands of dollars.  (On a separate note I keep getting some of my husband's text messages days late also.)

Why can't Verizon just make changes to allow these notifications over or Wi-Fi or SMS or something beyond mobile and make it less difficult to get notifications? Voicemail is key service of having a mobile phone and this function is very important to everyone on a daily basis. It is very frustrating that it rarely works for me.