Desperately need wifi calling in iPhone home!

We just moved into a know "black hole" for pretty much all carriers. However, I am hoping to use our WiFi calling capabilities while at home. So far, I cannot get my WiFi switch to stay on. It keeps turning off after I follow all the steps to enable that feature. 


If we are unable to find a resolution, I will be forced to change carriers that have already promised, and shown execution, of enabling WiFi calling to enable connectivity.


Please advise...

Re: Desperately need wifi calling in iPhone home!
Customer Service Rep

The last thing we want is for you to have to consider another carrier, CoachHoag. Wi-Fi calling is a great solution for those times when you cannot get a strong cellular signal. I’m sorry to hear about the trouble setting up Wi-Fi calling and have an idea on how to get it set up. The initial setup of Wi-Fi calling must be done in a place where the phone can reach both a Wi-Fi signal and a cellular signal (it doesn’t need to be the home’s Wi-Fi). The device uses both signals to “introduce” your phone’s Wi-Fi to our network. After that initial time, you can use Wi-Fi calling anywhere you can get a Wi-Fi signal. Does this help explain the necessary steps to set up this no-cost feature?