Device Return

I returned a year old iPhone X as part of a device upgrade offer.  I received my new iPhone 11 Pro on 7/6 and promptly returned my iPhone X on 7/7 in the packaging they sent me.  The device was unbroken and in perfect working condition.  the only reason I did the upgrade is because the offer said I could return it and upgrade without increasing the bill. Ive called customer service and basically gotten a ‘gee that’s too bad’ response but they’re still telling me I’m responsible for this 600$. So I’m to understand then that any device returned to Verizon - can be claimed ‘broken or damaged’ and the customer has ZERO recourse?

Is that what I get for 25 years as a customer and 5 lines?  JEEZUS

Re: Device Return
Customer Service Rep

No one likes additional charges associated with their wireless bill, Almisi. We do value you as a long-time Verizon Wireless customer and want to help as much as possible. Did you receive pictures of the device when it was received by the warehouse? The following link and explain further about the Damaged Device Fee: ChrisM_VZW