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Hello I recently got the iPhone 14 as the promotion for if you trade in my iPhone XR I would get a 800 credit off the new phone. I said cool said I would have a 0.00 payment for the device. Oh boy I was wrong! I got on my own plan and got off my parents to upgrade to the unlimited plan to get the 800 trade in credit. But when I went through got my own account in my name and it turns out I had a device finance of 400 dollars!!! So I had to come up with a down payment of 399.99 up front at the store! The Verizon agent at the store was shocked. If I am trading in my old phone for the 800 credit when on earth am I being forced to pay a down payment is that what the old phone is doing????

I regret get off my parents plan!! I

verizon make it clear that there could be a device finance charge in your promotions cause it is misleading and false advertising. So I paid 399.99 on the phone and my iPhone XR is paying the other half of the 399.99 and. It the full 800 cause of my 400 dollar device finance!!

I am not a happy customer! I been with Verizon 13 years old on my parents plan and I am not 28 years old and got on my own plan on Nov. 28th 2022z the worse decision I made! All their promotions now I think will be misleading so be smart on things and ask questions!

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