Device returned
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So i had some issues with my wife's phone went in too the store too have someone look at it they couldn’t figure it out . Then with out asking order a replacement an was told if I didn’t need it just send it back didn’t  give a time frame too have it returned by.  I took me about a month to get shipped out then it took them almost 3 weeks too find it after chatting for those weeks . On thanksgiving weekend i was able talk too a rep that seemed to be a real help turns not so much! So now my service is suspended for non payment i pay my regular bill but  they are charging me full retail of the refurbished phone because it was returned Beyond timeframe witch I didn’t know what that was until having this issue not a late fee witch would be okay  anyone have this problem?

Re: Device returned
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It's our priority that all your concerns are clarified. We sent a Private Message to further assist you. ~Geo