Did not get promised promotional value
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I recently switched to Verizon and traded in my phone for an 11 pro. While going through check out I saw that the promotion was for a trade in of $850 but it was showing on my screen as $300 during check out. I chatted with an agent who reassured me multiple times that I would receive the promotional value and have the transcripts of the conversation as well as a screen shot. My final trade in value email showed $300, however. I spent hours in multiple different conversations being told I was outside the window. The only reason I went through with the switch is because I was reassured so many times that I would receive the promotional value. I was told my case is being worked on by the "Offline Team", but I have not heard anything. I am incredibly frustrated at this point because I was banking on that promotion. Does anyone have any advice?

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Re: Did not get promised promotional value
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I had a similar situation happen to me. I upgraded my iPhone in June of 2020 on the basis that I was getting a $300 promotional discount to be credited over the next 24 billing periods. It was only offered online and I had to agree to pay full price (or payments) and after 3-4 months the credits would begin to appear on my statements. 

I was worried that the promotional discount was not listed on any of my sales documents or receipts and asked several agents to confirm I would be getting it cause I was taking them at their word. They ALL assured me, the $300 credit was coming.

After 6 months...NOTHING. I spoke to several more Verizon agents who EVERY MONTH assured me "the credits will start next month." Still to this day, nothing. 

I am bringing my issue here because I just had my second chat with a Verizon rep in the last 2 days where they just stopped talking to me or even left the chat. I was not rude or hostile. I only asked if I could expect to see the promotional credit anytime soon and I have been ignored and lied to.

Can ANYONE at VERIZON do something about this?? I would have never bought this phone for this full asking price. This is so unacceptable that you allow this to happen to people who have been customers for over 15 years.

Re: Did not get promised promotional value
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Many others have had same problem not sure if they ever got resolved but seems a ongoing issue with trade in and promotion not going as claimed seems they claim your not eligible or it ended etc for the excuses given just my opinion but when you get told multiple times in some cases that you will get it you should be getting the offer

Re: Did not get promised promotional value

I have two phones for trade-in, each has a promotional value of $700. In the process of choosing the phone to trade-in, there are two options to receive the trade-in value. 1) monthly bill credit for 24 months 2) get the promotional value as Paypal Credit.

I have been on the phone at least 6 times and every time after a long wait the representative had absolutely no information regarding the trade-in process. As I was asking them questions they were looking for answers online. 

My question remains

Will I get the full amount of trade-in value as PayPal credit? or will it be monthly payments for the next 24 months.

Verizon charges premium prices for its network and service. I think their customer representative are least informed, poorly trained, and waste so much time. Very frustrating and annoying.

Verizon Representative -  please reply to this thread with a credible answer.