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Very disappointed with Customer Service, Here is what happened:

1. placed an order on 10/03/2021 as I qualified to upgrade my iPhone X.

2. After placing the order, I was told the new phones will ship on 10/22/2021.

3. Come 10/26/2021, I got an email that my payment method failed and email asked me to click on a link to update my payment method.

4. Clicked on the link to update payment method and there was an issue with link and payment method did not update and failed.

5. Called Customer Service and lady said, I will have to cancel the order and re-place the order, which I was okay with but customer service said, I will need to wait another 6 weeks before new phones will be shipped.

Very disappointing, I was willing to cancel and reorder the phones but least Verizon could have done is kept the original ship date of 10/22/2021 as promised. I have canceled the order and looking for another carrier.

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