Disgusted with the Verizon web site
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I thought it was bad enough when I made the switch to VZN recently and bought an iPhone 11 Max Pro all online, only to discover that my order mysteriously 'got lost in the system'. No one could find it when I went to the store to pick it up even though I had all the order paperwork printed out with me. They had to manually reenter the order and all the rebate/freebie offerings which of course never went through causing me to spend hours on numerous calls to VZN to fix. Not a great start for customer service to a new customer VZN.

Now, after once again having to contact them to identify where is my $150 gift card, I finally go online to place an order. 1 1/2 hours later (sadly this is not an exaggeration as I was determined to complete this task) I still have not been able to place an order for one item using this gift card as the gift card field just disappeared and now the system is forcing me to use a CC. Yet I can still confirm that the gift card has never been used and it still shows the full amount as available when I check the status. It doesn't matter if I try to order when logged into my VZN acct, or try it as a guest, either via the PC or via my phone. Nothing works. And, of course trying to reach a VZN rep for assistance gets no response.

It takes a lot for me to lose my patience and I rarely ever do, but this VZN experience has been nothing but a nightmare since day 1. Whomever is in charge of their e-commerce site should be fired. What a disappointment.

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