Disney+ Promotion Not Working
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I was able to create a Disney+ acount using the link provided by Verizon, but then it took me to a screen to either "Start free trial" or to "Buy Now". There is no option to continue with Verizon 12 month promotion. I have called Verizon, I have chatted with Verizon, and I have emailed Verizon, all with no help or resolution.

Can someone please help?

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Re: Disney+ Promotion Not Working
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I was able to "reset" the connection between Disney and Verizon by going on the app, and selecting the Disney plan from your add-ons. You want to REMOVE it from your addons. Once removed, log out then back it. Then add the Disney plan back in. Once you add it back in..go to manage under the Disney plan. Then use the "go to disney" link at the bottom of that page.  Then use LOGIN with the email you assigned to use for Disney. When I did this...the login bypassed the payment page and activated the "free" verizon plan. The procedure simply did not work the first time I tried to activate. Removing and adding definitely reset the connection for me

Re: Disney+ Promotion Not Working

I was having the same problem and after Verizon's chat gave up on it I looked at the Community for help. I tried REMOVING the app from My Verizon. The Disney Plus promotion did not come back for me to sign back up for the promotion. Once again I opened a chat with another Verizon representative. Hope was very kind but said since I removed the Disney Plus promotional app it was now gone and could no longer be offered. So...no Disney Plus. Sorry kids.