Disney bundle, a real solution?

First off, why do I have to choose a board like Iphone 14 when the issue is a general issue with Verizon services?

Please don't send me running in circles.  If you can't help, just move on.  Obviously, I'm upset because as a longtime customer, my new upgraded plan and phone has been a nightmare.

Background:  After two days of chat and phone support, I was going to return my phone. They sent me a return label and told me to bring it to a Verizon store.  The supervisor there was baffled, but he was able to solve the problem.  Verizon couldn't activate my phone because the wrong phone codes were in THEIR system.  The same phone they sent to me. Problem was solved there in five minutes.

NOW, I activated the Disney Bundle under my new unlimited plan.  Yes, I enrolled and it' s activated, so please don't ask again. When I entered my email, it immediately showed that I have an account associated with Verizon already using a Disney account.  What is the option?  Retry with another email?  What does that even mean?  I must have had a trial subscription in the past.  Now I go to login to disneyplus.com.  I enter my email and password.  I get a Welcome Back message. The only option is Buy Now or Restart Subscription.  Both require a credit card and show the monthly fees I would have paid without upgrading to an unlimited plan.  Why does it take hours on chat to resolve this?  Why is it so difficult for Verizon to fix this so there aren't multiple posts about the same issue? 25 years on Verizon Wireless, home FIOS, business digital, and they just don't care.  No wonder my VZ stock is always down.  Sorry to be so abrasive, but this is only after hours and hours that I really can't afford to spend on a new phone. 


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