Does the student discount successfully stack with the autopay discount?
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I currently have one mobile line with the 5G Play More plan. This is the only line on my account. Until this past month, I received the $10 autopay discount on my monthly bill. I recently enrolled in Verizon's student discount "promotion" that takes $10 off my monthly bill (since I only have one mobile line). I was told by two different Verizon representatives that the two discounts ARE stackable under my current plan, yet my bill for this month only shows the student discount and not the autopay discount even though I'm still enrolled in autopay with my Verizon visa. The fine print for the student discount is completely ambiguous and unhelpful. If you're able to stack these discounts, why is only one being applied? I should be seeing a $20 deduction, not $10. How do I fix this? Or was I completely misinformed by both of the Verizon representatives I spoke with?


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Did you ever get a response or resolution for this? I'm a new customer and wondering the same thing. I have a Start plan and was told that the two discounts stack. I'm only seeing the autopay discount in my account.