Don't bother buying extended warranty coverage!
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May daughter's phone is acting up (seems to have a poltergeist; things are randomly changing on the screen without any touch), and while we purchased the extended warranty, Verizon refuses to honor it. They say that the tiny, almost invisible chip on the side somehow invalidates the warranty. They are just crooks! This is simply criminal. Shame on you Verizon! 

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Re: Don't bother buying extended warranty coverage!
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RichInBahama, thank you so much for reaching out. We have to make sure that we get a phone that has a mind of its own to be working as it should. Having an extended warranty on the device will protect the device if any software-related issues are happening to the phone. After completing all possible troubleshooting and the device is still having issues, we would then have the option to get the phone replaced under the extender warranty option. Just like the normal 1-year warranty, it will not cover any physical or liquid damage to the phone or the screen. If there is a crack or chip in the glass on the screen, and we replace the device under warranty, that could end up getting a damaged device fee added to the account when the defective phone is returned. We never want that to happen. Details of the warranty replacement option can be found here