Don't get tricked by Verizon Sales Representatives

I am posting this as a warning to other Williamsburg VA customers. Went into Verizon to purchase a phone upgrade and was told there was a two for one deal running by two representatives. I said sure to upgrading two phones. They said one of the phones will need a new phone number. I thought this was very strange but my son didn't care if it saved $700. Left and went home where I logged into the account and found I now have a forth line on the account and will pay $80 more per month as they did not close out my son's old number!  Feel very cheated and will be back today to cancel the whole thing this morning.....

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Re: Don't get tricked by Verizon Sales Representatives
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Was it a Verizon Corportate store or a third-party Verizon branded store?  Did you ask them to remove the old number/line from your account or even talk about what to do with the old number?

...Just another VZW customer...trying to offer some assistance...