Don't trust chat by Verizon

I just upgraded to an iPhone 13 with an online chat agent by the name of Calvin.  He promised me an $800 trade in for my old phone but never included it in the order.  We discussed it multiple times on the chat and he assured me it was all handled.  Now that the deal is done he never included the trade in and I've been back on chat for 2 hours trying to get it straight.  They have copies of all my chats and I do as well.  They can see where he did me wrong and agree that he did me wrong but cannot fix it.  I have to call the trade in team tomorrow.  I spent over an hour trying to buy the phone and now have spent 2 hours trying to get it right and still have to deal with it tomorrow.   None of the local stores here allow in person visits or I would have done it that way.  Soooooo frustrated......  Googling TMobile plans next to see what they have to offer.

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Re: Don't trust chat by Verizon
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I feel you. I'm going through similar experience. They won't honor $740 trade-in promo they promised to me after upgrading to New Galaxy S22+. One of the agents raised the issue to supervisor and now I'm waiting for the response.


Good luck with your case