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I need to download (save) a text conversation that is over a year long. I have followed the directions online to get to my Verizon messages on My Verizon, but the conversation doesn't load in the left hand toolbar. It's strange, because others are there, and I just messaged this person this morning. I have followed directions to turn off iMessages even though the conversation I need to download comes from someone with an iPhone, but the conversation does still not appear. (Am I even making sense here?)

What I need is to download (save) this text strand. Can someone help me figure out to do that? Please, and thank you!

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Customer Service Rep

Hello prdugal94. We know the importance of understanding your options regarding saving a text conversation thread. Messages typically show and start syncing on the day you sign up for Verizon Messages service. Have you sent or received a message since downloading message + without using the iMessage feature? If so, does the conversation thread then appear?  I see that you referenced our Verizon Messages online application. Have you downloaded the Verizon Messages application to your iPhone as well?