Dropped Calls, not able to make or receive calls

My calls are constantly dropping, not able to make calls or receive calls.  When I am talking with someone, they sound like an alien is talking.  The there is no sound at all.  It shows they are still on the line but I can't hear them and sometimes they can't hear me.  

It doesn't matter where I'm at, it happens at home, while driving, not matter where.  It has been happening for weeks now.  It has gotten worse in the last week.  I thought it was just my phone but I have spoken to others and they are having the same issues.  Sometimes, it shows that I have internet connection and yet I can't get to the website I want to view, ie my bank. 

I don't have any problems getting text messages.  Does this have anything to do with the 5G or the phone itself.  I thought the 5g would make things better. 

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Customer Service Rep

Having dealt with calling troubles myself, it is stress-inducing, and I'm sorry you've been having trouble. I appreciate you are sharing details thereof not being able to have clear calls and some data-using issues. Can you share with me the zip code where you're having this trouble? That will let me look at the area and see what coverage is like and if there are any known issues.