Dropped calls since Feb.2021. booster does not help

We have had dropped calls since beginning of 2021.  So very frustrating!  Verizon sent us an in house booster… does nothing.  We have had Verizon and lived in this same home since 2013.  Nothing has changed other than maybe Verizon coming out with 5G.  I have notes of all communications with Verizon and things go no where.  After speaking with a “supervisor” 4 days ago she said a tech would be out to our home within 48hrs.  No one has shown up when I tried to call and get this resolved, no one could help they just kept repeating themselves and basically mumbling and reading the notes on our account.  I have had serious health issues since early summer… doctors and nurses calls were all dropped.  The majority of calls to us… never show up or come through on our end and when they do… they get dropped.  The final straw was yesterday when we had to call poison control for an emergency and the call dropped 4 times while speaking to them.  We literally have to run outside our home and run down the street or get in our vehicles and drive somewhere else to get a signal.  Yes, they have troubleshot with us dozens of times.  NOTHING works.  We will be looking at another provider.  My husband is President of a large company and they all use Verizon… I will recommend to him they drop as well!  Verizon, you need to be open and honest about why this is happening! 

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Re: Dropped calls since Feb.2021. booster does not help
Customer Service Rep

I am a consumer myself so I get wanting to make sure you stay connected when talking to someone. I do hope everyone is okay. It seems like you have received on of our Network Extenders. I would love to troubleshoot to see if there is something going on there that is causing this. I have sent you a private message. -Amber