Dual SIM Issue
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I have had back to back to back poor customer service with Verizon reps. Today, I spent over four hours trying to get my new XS set up with a business number on the electronic SIM.  The sole reason for paying off my 8 and obtaining a XS was to have both my personal and business lines on my device. 

The end result was being told by the last Verizon rep that my brand new phone is locked for 60 days and I cannot activate the electronic SIM for my new business line until it is unlocked in 60 days. This info arises after talking to Verizon reps multiple times over the past month so I can transition my business calls smoothly today. It sounded like misinformation so I asked the rep several times if they were absolutely certain that I am prohibited from adding a second line with Verizon to my new Verizon phone for business. The answer - yes.

It sounded like garbage and after researching it on - guess where? - Verizon's site - the lock issue appears to be only for other networks. I'm not trying to go to another network - I would love to actually after the terrible customer service - but the coverage is best in my area. So, I am calling back to TeleSales tomorrow with the hope of getting someone who knows what the heck to do. 

Maybe another two hours or so will do it. I know this is a sarcastic post, but I don't appreciate wasting my time with a company that should have the resources to provide good customer service.  If it was easy enough to switch, I would be gone. 

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