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Good Evening,

I have a question regarding the use of dual SIM on my iPhone 12 pro. I currently have two phone numbers, one for personal and one for business. For the first time, I have linked up both numbers onto my iPhone 12 pro. The physical SIM is my business number and the digital SIM for my personal. 

5G does not work on the iPhone 12 when utilizing the dual SIM feature. 

There are certain occasions where I would like to utilize the 5G but still need to have my other line active. My old phone is an iPhone XR. How difficult is it to activate one of my numbers on the XR device (run two separate phones) when I want to use the 5G feature on my iPhone 12?

Does anyone have any experience with this? Is it an easy process to flip back and forth? 

Any information would be greatly appreciated. 

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Re: Dual SIM functionality iPhone
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Congratulations on getting the latest and greatest iPhone, boys002. The information you have found about 5G functionality while using both SIM numbers is accurate. While it is possible to swap over to the XR, there is work involved. By design, our system keeps track of multiple SIM changes, so that could also raise some issues. In short, it is not impossible but the process of swapping SIM cards can be time consuming. Please refer to “Activating your SIM card” on this page: http://spr.ly/6602G7NJw. There will be a future software update which will allow 5G to be accessed while using both SIM numbers on the iPhone 12 Pro but we do not yet have a release date for that update. Does this information help?