Dual Sim Nightmare

I recently upgraded to an IPhone 13 from an iPhone 11, both purchased through Verizon.  The phone was purchased my employer and is on a company account.  However, both phones have dual SIM using an "e-SIM" for the second line.  The iPhone 11 was difficult to setup, but eventually I got it working for years.  Now, I am unable to setup the iPhone 13 with both lines.  The company lines work fine.  However, my personal line is inactive on both the new phone and the old one.  I called customer support several times and went through the odyssey of trying to get a human.  They said they would call me back and never did.  I called a day later, and the representative said she would have to transfer me to the dept. that handles business accounts, even though the issue is with my personal line.  As soon as she transferred me, the call hung up.  I tried calling again and a new representative again said he would have to transfer me to the dept. for business accounts.  Again, the call hung up during the transfer.  If I call the support for business accts., they say they cannot help with personal numbers.  Okay -- so, the main reason someone would want dual SIM is to put the business and personal lines on one phone (unless they are international travelers that want to swap out physical SIM cards in different countries).  Verizon is advertising dual SIM phones but making it nearly impossible for them to work.  It is not a hardware issue.  In other countries, popular flagship phones are being sold that can use two physical SIM cards.  This seems to be a deliberate attempt to prevent that in the US, and it the Verizon customer support seems really lacking.  Buyer beware!  Dual SIM is not as advertised.  And now I am paying for a personal line is not even working on any phones! 

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