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Need some help here... Recently upgraded to iPhone 14 Pro, traded my paid off iPhone 11 Pro in to get a free phone over the next 36 month. No big deal, my family does not have issues with commitment nor any intentions of leaving VZW. I get an offer for a free line with my internet service for a year, so I thought why not, since I know my iPhone has two eSims. I try to activate the service on that spare SIM and it won't activate. I contact customer service and I am told that since the phone is not paid off they are unable to unlock it. Weird I thought. I trade my old phone in (in perfect condition) and get limited access to the features that my new iPhone offers. I felt that I shot myself in the foot, committing and getting punched below the waist by the company (this was the last time I took advantage of an offer, knowing that I could have bought a new iPhone from Apple and sold or kept my old one as a backup phone and still have access to all the features). I do not understand the logic behind this: if I get the phone unlocked and leave, they can easily lock it back and send the account to collection (there is a 0.0000001% of us leaving VZW PLUS we had four new phones that we paid off over the last two years and clearly that doesn't mean anything to the company). Any ideas on how to deal with this?? I was told by the rep to try to get the second eSim unlocked after 60 days but still this does not make sense to me. Did anyone else run into similar issue? Any suggestions will be appreciated. 

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We are always a PM away. If it is beneficial to continue, we will be on standby.