EDD 11/22 (Ordered 10/27 early afternoon EST)

EDD 11/22 (Ordered 10/27 early afternoon EST): Submitted a ticket through customer service to speed up delivery because current iPhone 6 is super slow and completely unresponsive at times. I do not have an old device to switch over to until I receive the new phone (iPhone X). Any suggestions?? I never complain about something so silly, but considering I submitted the ticket through customer service and see people with original EDD of 12/1 getting their phones before me I am kind of frustrated...

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Re: EDD 11/22 (Ordered 10/27 early afternoon EST)
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We want you to have the phone you want as quickly as possible. Has a reply come back regarding the ticket that was filed? Can you tell us a bit more about what's going on with your iPhone 6? Is the data slow, or is the phone itself not responding promptly?


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