ERRONEOUS BILL Verizon Has Promised To Repair for FOUR MONTHS

Verizon advertised a BOGO promo offer in June and I went for it. The rep "mistakenly" forgot to add the second phone so I said I wanted the BOGO, that was the point, she ordered me one purple iphone 11 and shehad it shipped back to Verizon in TX instead of to me as she said she couldn't cancel the order.  So sorry etc.  Verizon then billed me for the phone, said it was delivered and clearly their UPS tracking said yes it was delivered TO VERIZON.  I was charged taxes and all that too. I was supposed to be sending in my iphone X then for the trade in but since I didn't purchase the BOGO because of the rep's mistake in not adding the second phone - and she couldn't let me go ahead and order it after her mistaken until the one phone she did place the order for was returned.  This was all in a 60 second time frame.  The start.

After a DOZEN phone calls with Customer Care, every one of them promising to fix the errors on the bill, all saying it won't show up on the next bill but on one of the bills after.  I felt unsafe with the autopay since they kept taking out more than I owed promising it would be refunded 'on the next bill.' so canceled auto pay for one day until a rep PROMISED it was fixed and said she'd refund me the extra $10 per line (we have four lines) for the Unlimited Plan I was charged for not having auto pay.  Instead of refunding the $40, another $40 was added so that was $80. over charged. Then the next bill shows as ONE TIME CHARGES a minus $55 and a plus $45. per line but ALSO on that bill under the regular charges I was also charged $45. line.  So charged $90. per line for Unlimited Play and refunded $55. which made each line $75. instead of $45. or even the $55.  No one can fix that.  

The auto pay took out the money and the next Customer Care rep PROMISED to it would be refunded in the next bill. Not, instead of a refund of $40. which was 'the best we can do' ANOTHER $40. was ADDED instead!  So the next Customer Care rep said it was all straightened out and I believed her.  They are all pleasant and none follow through.

I then ordered an iphone 11 pro in gold with the trade in of my iphone X and also an accessories bundle.  The bundle included a wireless charger that didn't charge, a screen guard that didn't stay fixed, a coach case that was a muddy ugly matt brown.... so the accessories bundle was shipped back along with the iphone X trade in in the same box as they were both headed to the same address and the labels for both inside.......

I still have not received the trade in value of the iphone X but I did receive an email stating that the $120. bundle was refunded.  If they received the bundle, they received the trade in phone.  

So I've paid the incorrect bill 3 months in a row waiting for it to be fixed 'one the next bill' which never happens and finally turned off auto pay.  I did send in a $300. good faith payment but not the over $1,000. payment I don't owe..... just want this fixed.  This morning our phones were turned off.  I called the finance department who said they'd turn them back on until the next billing cycle next week so that I have another week to have Customer Care finally correct the bill as they've promised to do 40 times.... FOURTY times! FOURTY phone calls to very nice polite representatives who NEVER FIX THE PROBLEM THEY PROMISE TO FIX.  

Now, today, I can't call Customer Care unless I pay the extortionist bill I don't owe.... for a phone I never bought and trade in I never received credit for or for being over charged in triplicate times 4 lines for a Play More Unlimited Plan becuase of their errors that every one promises to fix and no one does.  I put in a 'call me' request and 12 minutes later a rep called, she tried to fix the problem 'with her manager on another line helping' for over an hour and suddenly the Fraud Line answers and says, after reviewing my records, there is NO FRAUD on this account and transfers me back to Customer Care.  It rings for 20 minutues, finally someone answers, she asks for my name and to start at the beginning and tell her everything. Again.  Suddenly the phone is silent, I really don't think she hung up but the call dropped.  The connection has been awful for a month on all our lines anyway,  I don't know why.  But here I am with this outrageous bill I don't owe because of errors Verizon has made and their Reps promise to fix and never do.   I'm frustrated, I'm angry, I'm near tears, I'm emotionally exhausted fighting this for four months now.  I have been their customer for TWELVE YEARS with no problems.  They blame it on covid and working from home.  I think more like NOT working from home and this is both ridiculous and effecting my life during a time when this covid stuff already has things stressful.  I am so utterly disappointed in Verizon.  You'd think after that call drops (or she hung up) she'd call back.  It's a phone company - they have my number.  Now the trade in submission form for the iphone X says waiting for the phone  - it was in THE SAME BOX as the accessories bundle they refunded.  All incompetent.  

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Re: ERRONEOUS BILL Verizon Has Promised To Repair for FOUR MONTHS
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Orders default to the shipping address on file, you have to go out of your way to purposely have it go to Verizon. That's impressive if an accident and not in a good way. Any phone orders I've done are by myself because I don't trust underpaid reps with our account.


With that mess, should have cancel the entire thing so you could try for the BOGO vs all these orders and return making a bigger mess. Cancelling autopay just leads to a non compliance charge. You only get 14 days on equipment before charges stick.

Sending things in the same boxes is also a logistical mess. CS doesn't have a way to contact the warehouse to confirm your phone was in the box of accessories. Returned phones should always be in an individual box for tracking.