Early iPhone upgrade issue

I’m having some issues with Verizon support. Let me explain as briefly as possible.

I called back in December to see if I could do an early upgrade on 864-xxx-xxxx by borrowing the upgrade on my wife’s line (864-xxx-xxxx). I was told that I could not. After taking the customer service survey, I received a call from Raphael at Verizon Customer service @ [removed]. He helped me get a discount that I was supposed to be getting on my business account, and also guaranteed that he would get me a month early upgrade to the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. But there was no way to reach him at the number he called from, so I called Verizon today to make sure he had notated my file. He had not.

I was told by the first representative that I could do an early upgrade but not to an iPhone. The reason I was given was that Apple would not allow early upgrades. This is not true. Below you can see a chat transcript with an Apple representative:

[chat transcript removed]

So I called back again and was told this time that it was a Verizon policy to not upgrade early on iPhones. I’ve never heard of this, plus it seems shady that I have been told so many different things.

I’m very dissatisfied with the variety of things I’ve been told in relation to this simple month early upgrade. I have five lines with Verizon and I’m considering taking them elsewhere. Can a Verizon rep please explain all the discrepancies I’ve experienced.

Chat transcript and personal information removed as required by the

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Re: Early iPhone upgrade issue
Customer Service Rep

We do not want to lose you, MattBaileySC! May I ask what is the current upgrade date on yours and your wifes lines? I am eager to discuss all of your available device options!

Thank you,


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