Early upgrade training promotion

Hello there, I have a question regarding early upgrades. I'm Black Friday, I spoke to a very nice Verizon rep on the phone about early upgrading from my Pixel 5 to iPhone 13 pro Max.. she clearly stated that once 50% of my phone was paid off there was a promotion that I could trade in my phone and get $350 off towards the 13 from Max. However, I tried to call customer service a few times at Verizon this morning and a three different reps told me that I couldn't. They said that the first rep didn't comment my account correctly and that I have to pay the entire phone off. About 60% of my phone is paid off right now.I am not looking to wait to have to upgrade until my phone is fully paid off.. any help and support is appreciated.. thank you very much.. It's very very frustrating.and annoying.. because I was told. One thing on Black Friday.. completely different thing.now.. 

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