Emails not sending consistently

My husband and I are both having the same problem.  Our emails are *sometimes* not going out.  And the sometimes part is almost worse than if none of them would send.  It causes us to constantly have to check our Sent folder to verify if our emails actually went out.  Here's what happens.  Either we hit reply to an incoming email or we initiate an email ourselves and send.  We hear a swoosh as if the message is sending.  But sometimes it isn't received (we check with recipient).  It also isn't in our Sent folder, Outbox, or Drafts.  It's just gone.  Gone.  We don't get an error message telling us it didn't send.  Nothing.   And we definitely know how to send an email.   We are long time iPhone users and Verizon customers.   This situation is a new development.   It happens both when we are at home on Wi-Fi and when we are out.  He uses Gmail and I use Yahoo.   Suggestions?  We are going crazy and this is affecting our business communications.  

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Customer Service Rep

Hi, I hope you are having an excellent afternoon, I understand the urgency of  getting this resolved to be able to send emails, please send us a PM, so we can provide you the assistance you deserve. Remember Verizon Social Media Team is available 24/7, and we are eager to assist you and resolve any questions or concerns with you!