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Emergency Notifications

I see that this question has been posted and has yet to receive a valid reply from Verizon, so I'm asking again.

I have an iPhone 4 that has been updated with the latest software 6.1.3. On the notifications menu there is NO option for government menu, no mention of it.  I live in an area that is subject to monsoons and flash flooding during the summer (Phoenix, AZ)  so having weather alerts would be an asset to me. I don't want to have to download weather apps to receive the same service that is being offered by the the CMAS.

Please advise as to how to correct this problem.

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Re: Emergency Notifications
Customer Service Rep

I know that having emergency alerts is important to you Teetertop. I'm sorry you're not able to locate the steps to having this feature activated. We have received some information about alerts for your device. Emergency alerts are supported by the iPhones. They are on by default. Customers will only receive the alerts if they are in the area of the emergency. You won't receive them if your device is off, as it will only retry once to send to your phone. You also wont receive the alert if you're not in the physical location and within a certain radius of the emergency. I hope this information is helpful. If there is an emergency and your within the limits and your phone is on but you dont receive the alert, please contact us for further trouble-shooting.

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Re: Emergency Notifications

This question still is not being answered in a helpful way. I WAS just in an area where there was a tornado warning sent out. I was WITH a person on a different phone who received the alert, my husband and his employee also received the alert. Hubby is a verizon customer with an android phone.

I use an iPhone 4 running iOS 7.1.1 & there is NO EMEREGENCY ALERT option anywhere! On or off....and I DID NOT receive the alert while in the exact same room as a person who DID receive an alert for our area...the tornado touched down less than 1/2 mile from our home & ran along the ground on property that borders ours...I am so thankful that the other person was with me because we would NOT have gotten the alert NOR would we have had time to move to safety AND I most likely would have driven right into the path of the tornado as I was planning to head out that direction at the time it occurred.

So, if you could kindly figure out WHY this isn't working, your customers would be most appreciative.

Re: Emergency Notifications
Champion - Level 3

Because you have a 4 and not a 4s by the sounds of it, this may not work, but it might be worth a try:

Understanding U.S. government alerts on your iPhone - Apple Support