Employee Recognition

Wes restored my faith in the Verizon company yesterday. My husband and I went to the ValVista store on Dec 11. We called to place our order and were instructed to drive to a store where we were to pick up our phones however due to glitches in the company’s inventory procedures these phones were already spoken for by individuals who had waited 3 weeks. Then the nightmare began. I spent 7 hours waiting, experiencing calls being dropped, employees not knowing how to correct the cancellation of the order by employees at the store, getting transferred only to start at the beginning of the queue. Finally at 6:30 p.m. Wes came on the line and began to help me. His desire to understand, empathize, and try to resolve the issues that hindered the ability to order phones required additional time. At 7:30 we had to make a plan to continue today as the department that needed to help was closed. True to his word he called today. It still required more time today but he was finally able to order our phones and answer the additional questions I had. His professional manner, explanations of process, and his willingness to update me as he had to put me on hold  several times as he worked on the issues. I wished that I could find a recognition program for  Verizon.  Wes exemplifies the best customer service agent. This experience of a canceled order and the resulting issues should have never happened. The dropped calls and starting over challenged me. Thank you again Wes!

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