Employee deserving recognition - NC

Hello, I recently upgraded to the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Kinshasa (at the Hendersonville, NC location), went above and beyond to explain every step of my upgrade process. She was kind and super patient, while being fast and responsive to every question I had. I am the Lead Laboratory Scientist for the Chemisty department at a major trauma center. To say I have very little time is quite the understatement. I made an appointment and was immediately greeted by her team as I walked in the door. I have never experienced such qualified and kind customer care in an extremely long time. I was taken aback by her professionalism and hands-on approach to my experience. Rarely, if ever, do I take the time to write a review. But, this employee deserves recognition and commendation for her service and dedication to her career. I am completely satisfied and impressed at the confidence I have in Verizon, as a company, moving forward. I will send all of my colleagues her way! Thank you Kinshasa, and forgive me if I misspelled your name! You’re the best of the best!! Please recognize this employee for her outstanding performance. I’m available for additional information, if needed. Thanks so much!!

Re: Employee deserving recognition - NC
Customer Service Rep

Hello, Zsearc02, thank you so much for your feedback! It means the world to us that we were able to take such good care of you when you stopped by our store location. Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know about your experience, we will most definitely pass along your feedback. I hope you have a great rest of your day and a wonderful holiday!