Extended LTE no calls texts or data

My husbands phone says extended lte but he cannot make or receive calls, texts, or access the internet. He has an iPhone 11 and I can’t get ahold of Verizon for help as he has the phone in his possession and is the head of the account and he’s at work. We have tried toggling into airplane mode and out of it, restarting his phone multiple times, and nothing is working! Help!!

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Re: Extended LTE no calls texts or data
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I realize how important it is for your husband to have access to his service as he's working and very busy, ODonnellSkye. Let me get more details about your husband's service and the issue about him being in extended LTE. What is the zip could he's physically located when he has this trouble with his service? Does he travel around until he gets into our coverage area and able to access his LTE service? Here's a link he can use to show where our coverage is and can help him find where better coverage is located if he's traveling around https://gismaps.verizon.com/UI/map/AppView/FIVEG/ui_fiveg/ . Can you share with him this information and let us know if this helps? 




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