Extended LTE

Not sure if this is an Apple iPhone issue or a Verizon issue but here is the problem. There is an area of where I live when I go to my phone goes to “Extended LTE” up in the top left corner of the screen. I understand that it means I am using a non Verizon tower so therefore the service isn’t great. The issue is when I leave that area and go back to an area where it is not roaming, my phone takes forever to go off of “Extended LTE” and back to normal. I have heard to try and turn on airplane mode and back off, turn cellular off and back on, also even restarting the phone but none of these seem to work. It just takes time. 

I may just be impatient but it is very aggravating when I get back into normal service and then have to wait another half hour or so for my phone to figure out where I am again.

Any solutions??

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